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This Is How You Can Get Up To 50% Off Your Electricity Bill During MCO

This Is How You Can Get Up To 50% Off Your Electricity Bill During MCO

Anne Dorall

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Previously, it was announced that everyone would be getting a discount of 2% on their energy bill under the Prihatin economic stimulus package.

The good news is, the 2% discount actually applies to non-residential units such as commercial, industrial, and certain specific agricultural sectors.

Everyone else is getting a bigger discount. The 6 most affected commercial sectors will see a discount of 15%, such as hotel operators, travel agencies, local airline offices, shopping malls, convention centers, and theme parks.

If you were worried that staying at home all day long will push up your utility bill, don’t worry! The best news is that residential units will start off with a 50% discount!

Of course, don’t be over-zealous and turn the air-conditioner on 24/7.

Only those whose utility bill is less than 200kWj in April will be entitled to 50% off their full bill.

If you use anywhere from 201kWj – 300kWj, then you get a 25% discount

If you use anywhere from 301kWj – 600kWj, then you get a 15% discount.

If you use more than 600kWj, then you’ll still get a 2% discount.

Credit: TNB

Basically, the TNB discount helps to ease the burden on those staying at home. However, that’s not a reason to waste energy. Remember your good habits of turning off lights in an unused room and don’t let the air-conditioner run 24/7.

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