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Zoo Negara Is In Trouble Due To MCO Restrictions & It Needs Your Help

Zoo Negara Is In Trouble Due To MCO Restrictions & It Needs Your Help

Kirat Kaur

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The Movement Control Order (MCO) enacted on 18th March spares no one. Zoo Negara and its animals are having trouble keeping afloat due to financial constraints.

As Zoo Negara is a non-governmental organisation (NGO), they depend on donations and ticket sales to cover their operating costs.

The temporary closure during MCO is a major challenge to cover our operating costs because Zoo Negara earns money through ticket sales, event rentals, company sponsorships and public donations.

Rosly@Rahmat Ahmat Lana, Deputy President of Zoo Negara to Bernama.

Deputy president of Zoo Negara, Rosly@Rahmat Ahmat Lana told Bernama that they’re forced to use its emergency fund to cover their expenses during the MCO.

Rosly said that so far, no organisation had come forward to contribute to the Zoo Negara’s fund. Hence, the organisation is forced to dip into its emergency funds to continue to operate during.

However, this fund set up by the Malaysian Zoological Society (MSZ) for emergencies can only keep the national zoo afloat for a mere three months

For now, Rosly assures that the animals are in good shape and still well-fed as their contractors are still delivering supplies but the national zoo is calling out to the wild world for help.

The zoo has begun an adoption campaign for the care of their majestic creatures, putting out posters of their many animals that still require daily care, food and medical attention.

Through this campaign, the public can choose whether they want to donate one off or on a monthly basis, according to the packages available.

Among the glorious creatures up for adoption are Kayla the tiger, Omi the ring-tailed lemur, Choki the orangutan, Panjang the leopard and many more.

To make a donation, one can give them a call at 03-4108 3422 e-mail Those who donate will be presented with a certificate that will also include the name of the chosen animal, and their name will also be displayed on the National Zoo website.

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