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Retired Nurse Volunteers To Assist Frontliners During Covid-19 Pandemic

Retired Nurse Volunteers To Assist Frontliners During Covid-19 Pandemic

“If I sit at home, I would still die when the time comes… It’s what you can do, even if it’s a small help.”

Those were the inspiring words uttered by 68-year-old Biby Maideen, a former hospital matron (senior nurse) who has volunteered to return to work in light of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Answering the Health Ministry’s call for retired doctors and nurses to volunteer their time to reinforce the ranks of the nation’s limited healthcare professionals, Biby says that she’s prepared to take on any duties that she possibly can.

The senior citizen told Malaysiakini that the government’s decision in requesting the help of retired medical workers to assist during the pandemic was a great idea.

Speaking from experience, Biby understood the stress and burnout that some of our current fronliners were facing, as it is a physically and mentally demanding line of work.

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Some Malaysian frontlines have reportedly been taking multiple shifts amid the Covid-19 pandemic.
(Credit: The Star)

She explains that although many returning retirees might not be able to be directly on the frontlines due to their age. (Senior citizens face a higher risk of contracting Covid-19, you can read all about it in our story, HERE)

Biby said that “seniors” like herself can take over simpler medical or even administrative duties to lighten the load placed on the healthcare system and have the “junior” doctors and nurses focus on caring for the infected.

Biby received medical training as a nurse in the United Kingdom (UK) where she served for 3 years before returning to Malaysia and worked as a community nurse for around 15 years in the public health sector.

During her golden age of 52, Biby returned to the UK and worked at nursing homes for 14 years before finally retiring in 2017.

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Biby, 3rd to from the left, during her time in the UK.
(Credit: Biby Maideen/Malaysiakini/Facebook)

Along with her years of working in the private sector, Biby has over 30 years of medical experience in a range of areas including; specializing in accidents and emergencies as well as knowledge of infectious disease management and palliative care.

Godspeed Biby and all the other retired doctors and nurses who are selfishly returning to duty during our time in need.

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