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Here’s What’s Still Allowed To Be Open During The Movement Control Order

Here’s What’s Still Allowed To Be Open During The Movement Control Order

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Although it seems like everything is closing since the government imposed a Movement Control Order, anything that is considered “essential” will still be open and operating as usual. 

For those of us who don’t know what is considered “essential”, the Industrial Relations Act 1967 has defined and listed them all out in something called the “First Schedule”.

Below is a list of all essential services as per listed in the said schedule. These services will still be open and accessible until the end of this “lockdown”.

Malaysian Prime Minister, Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin announced the Movement Restriction Order on 16 March 2020. (Credit: New Straits Times)
  1. Banking services
  2. Electricity services
  3. Fire services
  4. Port, dock, harbour, and airport services, including all cargo handling and transportation, pilotage and storing or bulking of commodities (basically anything to do with the transportation of imported and exported cargo)
  5. Postal services
  6. Prison services
  7. Production, refining, storage, supply, and distribution of fuel and lubricants. (basically, anything to do with petrol)
  8. Public health services
  9. Public waste management services
  10. Radio communication services, including broadcasting and television services (basically, TV and radio)
  11. Telegraph, telephone, and telecommunication services (basically, phone and internet)
  12. Transport services by land, water, or air
  13. Water services
  14. Any service provided by the following Departments of Government:
  • Chemistry
  • Civil Aviation
  • Customs and Excise
  • Immigration
  • Marine
  • Meteorology
  • Printing

15. Any service connected with, related to, or assist the maintenance and functioning of the armed forces and the Royal Malaysian Police Force
16. Businesses and industries connected to the defence and security of Malaysia
17. Any department which is relied on for the safety of employees or of the establishment
18. Industries that are essential to the economy of Malaysia

Pictures of Malaysians panic buying at grocery stores across Kuala Lumpur have been circulating WhatsApp. (Credit: WhatsApp)

In case you panicked at the fact that food suppliers weren’t on the First Schedule list, you don’t need to worry.

In his announcement regarding the Movement Control Order, Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin stated that supermarkets, public markets, grocery stores, and stores selling basic necessities are still allowed to operate.

Meanwhile, the National Security Council also clarified that restaurants and eateries (yes, that includes your neighbourhood mamak stall) are allowed to operate but only for takeaway food or through food delivery services.

Get more information about the Movement Control Order here.

We really hope this order will help contain the spread of the virus considering the fact that Malaysia is currently the worst COVID-19 hit country in all of Southeast Asia.

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