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Malaysians Spent RM24 Million On Online Dating Apps in 2019

Malaysians Spent RM24 Million On Online Dating Apps in 2019

Akmal Hakim

Roses are red, violets are blue.

If you’re looking for love?

Then the internet might just be the right place for you!

Online dating apps have become all the rage here in Malaysia. Ask any random couple on the street and a pretty common answer to the “so where’d you guys meet” question would probably be, “online”.

And though social media has been great at connecting and bringing people closer together than ever before, it seems like online dating apps are the undisputed match-making monarch for the new century.

Considering how most dating apps are free or “relatively” cheap, easy to use, and work way quicker than conventional dating methods or throwing the awkward orange once a year, it’s no surprise that Malaysians are pouring a lot of dough into the online dating scene.

And we do mean A LOT!

Based on data provided by the global marketing and analytics firm, App Annie, Malaysians spent a total of RM24 million on online dating apps in 2019.

This trend of affectionate spending apparently has been on an impressive upward spiral for years.

According to the numbers, Malaysians have been increasingly investing, to put it one way, more and more cash to catch that perfect match. Spending some RM7 million in 2017 and around RM13 million in 2018.

adult and girl holding forever scrabble letters during daytime
More and more people searching for “forever” online.
(Credit: Gabby Orcutt/Unsplash)

Compare that to 2019 figures, and you have an increase in consumer spending of a total of 220% in a period of 3 years.

From these numbers, we can safely say that many Malaysians out there are eagerly awaiting the chance to “swipe right” to that special someone.

Marketing research firm, YouGov in 2017 revealed that every 3 out of 10 Malaysians are actively on or have used online dating apps.

YouGov also pointed out that 29% of Malaysians would rather find their future partners on the web than out in the “real” world.

photo of couple sitting on white bench
How often do you swipe right? Let us know in the comments.
(Credit: Djim Loic/Unsplash)

And in this online race for romance, not all apps and services are created equal.

Usually, dating apps that provide unique user experiences and better on-demand services, which allow users to pay-to-unlock more features and deeper value, would dominate the game.

According to App Annie, the most used dating apps in Malaysia are Tinder and TanTan, followed by, Blued and Omi.

(Funny how Sugar Baby isn’t on the list… Hue Hue Hue...)

(Credit: App Annie)

A world in search of love

It’s not just Malaysia that’s been struck by cyber-cupid. Globally, romance seekers spent over RM9 billion on online dating apps in 2019.

Our neighbours Singapore and Indonesia have also been spending heavily in the search for love, splashing RM29 million and RM24 million on dating apps respectively.

crowd between buildings
All these people around but still lonely without YOU. Cia Cia Cia…
(Credit: Laurentiu Morariu/Unsplash)

And though online dating is now mainstream in Malaysia, we are still behind Australia, India, Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia and Hong Kong as the biggest spenders on the dating app scene. Proving without a doubt that the search for relationships is truly a planet-wide phenomenon.

With Malaysia experiencing a gender imbalance of 1.07 (that’s 107 guys to every 100 ladies), maybe online dating isn’t such a bad way to fish for love in our ever-shallow pool of suitors.

With that in mind, have a pleasant, safe and romance-filled Valentine’s Day Malaysia!

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