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Taobao’s opening a physical store in MyTown Cheras

Taobao’s opening a physical store in MyTown Cheras

Anne Dorall

You thought 11.11 being over meant that your wallet is safe? Well, think again.

Taobao is invading Malaysia with an actual, real, physical store at the MyTown shopping mall in Cheras.

Picture credit: Malay Mail

It only goes to show that China isn’t satisfied with just dominating our online purchases, they now want to our offline purchases as well.

The truth is, the Taobao online shopping experience can be daunting unless you are tech-savvy and well-versed in Mandarin.

Many potential customers in Malaysia need help navigating the Taobao app, searching for stuff, paying for your orders, and finding a reliable shipping company.

The homepage of the Taobao app has so many things to look at, so many buttons to tap.

So, this new retail store wants to be a unique hybrid shopping experience that will “greatly improve” the way you shop on Taobao.

The store’s going to take up a 5,000 sq ft retail space, which will be filled with the physical products of Taobao’s best sellers.

According to Tmall World Malaysia marketing manager Jess Lew, many shoppers have questions about the item’s quality when they are making online purchases.

So having a physical store should appeal to people who want to feel the quality of their purchases as well as reach out to the offline market.

Years ago, when the e-commerce scene was only starting to grow, there was a fear of online shopping completely overtaking retail shopping.

Browsing in a store or window shopping is still a popular pursuit that online shopping cannot replace. Instead, we should devise ways to integrate online platforms with physical stores more seamlessly.

Joseph Yeoh, VP of YTL

Ultimately, this means that we will all have to try a lot harder to resist our shopping urges not just online, but offline as well.

If you want to risk your wallet by checking out the Taobao retail store, its opening 29 November 2019 at MyTOWN shopping centre in Cheras.

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