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Gov’t to ban smoking in restaurants: What happens if you still want to

Gov’t to ban smoking in restaurants: What happens if you still want to

Hakim Hassan

The jig is up smokers, the government is NOT going to budge on the smoking ban, so if you want to take a puff at your favourite mamak, you’ll just light it up outside.

The Health Ministry made the announcement for the enforcement of the smoking ban at all public eateries starting Jan 1 next year, today (Oct 30).

The ministry added that they would take stringent measures to protect the health of the general public.

Recently the High Court dismissed a judicial review filed by the Pertahankan Hak Perokok, PHP (Defending Rights of Smokers) group who claimed that the ban breached articles in the Federal Constitution that pertain to people’s rights and equality.

The group added that smoking was not listed as a criminal activity and that smoking is not forbidden in the eyes of the law.

What happens if you still smoke at restaurants after the ban?

If you’re caught in the act, you would be fined RM10,000 or jailed up to 2 years.

However, if you still want to smoke, you have to be 3 metres away from the restaurant and it applies to eateries regardless whether they’re shoplots, open air or even food trucks.

The ban doesn’t only affect smokers, but restaurant owners as well.

The owner will be penalised RM5,000 and jailed up to 6 months if they fail to prevent smokers from smoking in their premises.

They will also be fined RM3,000 and serve 6 months in jail if they fail to put up the “no smoking” sign.

How is the public reacting to the move?

Many are welcoming the ban on social media as they’ve mentioned about the adverse effects of smoking, especially to non-smokers.

The important thing today is that restaurants and eateries remain as a non-smoking place has been decided by the court.. horay, we get to eat and drink in peace without being disturbed by cigarette smoke, horay, we non-smokers are the winners in the court today

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Congratulations…at first enforce the no-smoking law in eateries.

After this slowly ban the sale of cigarettes as well

You can’t do it all, but can’t leave it all

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Come 1 January, make sure if you want to smoke, you have to be 3 metres away or face consequences of the law, but go ahead if you feel like donating RM10,000 to the government and staying behind bars for a very long time.

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