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Car rental service SOCAR expands to Penang, JB with 2,000 vehicles

Car rental service SOCAR expands to Penang, JB with 2,000 vehicles

Anne Dorall

Malaysia’s largest car-sharing company SOCAR has just announced a broader service area, expanding to cities such as Penang and JB with 2,000 cars.

You may only know SOCAR for their provocative (and admittedly intriguing) advertising on the highway billboards, but the car-rental company proves itself a reliable service, with over 500,000 members nationwide in just 22 months.

CEO Leon Foong wants you to unlock your desires.
(Picture credit: TRP)

CEO Leon Foong positions SOCAR as the solution to giving you the convenience and pleasure of having a car without the commitment and hassle of owning one.

To make things easier for their users, SOCAR now has a door-to-door car delivery service called SOCAR2U with an expanded service area in the Klang Valley.

Users can have their desired car picked up and returned to their preferred location for a small fee of just RM10.

Picture credit: TRP

SOCAR users can also choose from 26 different car models, including the Volkswagen Polo, Mazda CX-5, Perodua Alza, and BMW 330e.

There are now over 1,000 SOCAR zones across the Klang Valley, Penang, and Johor. Which simply means that you’re likely just a stone’s throw away from driving the car of your dreams.

So whether you want to go on a fancy date night, or impress your boss, or just take a joy ride to Genting, you can always get a SOCAR.

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