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British paedophile who raped M’sian kids killed in prison; what happened to the victims

British paedophile who raped M’sian kids killed in prison; what happened to the victims

After raping over 200 Malaysian babies and children, a British paedophile finally met his end when he was stabbed to death in prison.

He was handed 22 life sentences in 2016 for the depravity of
his sexual crimes against poor Malaysian children.

In fact, he was the subject of mass disgust and outrage when
it was revealed that the sick man had raped babies, toddlers and children
aged between 6 months and 12 years in Malaysia.

It seems that his crimes had also horrified fellow inmates as the man described as “one of Britain’s worst paedophile” was found stabbed multiple times in his cell at the maximum-security Full Sutton Prison in the UK with a makeshift knife.

How did this even happen?

The innocent young victims were mostly from poor communities
in KL
who put their trust in who they believed was an English teacher and religious
man there to help them.

The British child predator was welcomed into schools and institutions while he posed as a ‘photographer’ who would ‘teach the children about photography’.
(Credit: Daily Mail)

Many were orphans in children’s homes who were lured by day trips and celebrations outside the orphanages.

According to BBC, the depraved individual took advantage of the hardship of their lives, gaining the trust of adults and grooming kids. He even posted online that “impoverished kids are definitely much easier to seduce than middle-class Western kids.”

A victim who was abused since she was 4 years old told a
journalist that the predator had taken nude pictures and videos of the girl and
the sister. They told their grandmother, but nothing was done.

Britain’s worst ever paedophile posted images with children on his social media.
(Credit: Daily Mail)

After the 33-year-old predator was arrested, child
protection workshops were held by UK officers in the Malaysian community where
he lived.

A children’s NGO ‘Protect and Save The Children’ and the
Women’s Ministry also conducted workshops in the community.

However, Reuters reported that it took weeks to convince the families in the community to allow their children to gain some sex education.

A shot of the community where the child predator frequented.
(Credit: AsiaOne)

For the most part, NGOs and authorities can only help the paedophile’s victims if they step forward as the victim’s identities are not released for their protection.

The only good news to come out of this horrific case was the creation of the Sexual Offences Against Children Act 2017 – a new law that protects Malaysian children from sexual abuse.


The law covers crimes of:

  • making, publishing, exchanging, selling, distributing of child pornography
  • child grooming or sexual communication with a child
  • physical or non-physical sexual assault against a child
  • intention to abuse and not reporting abuse against a child

Later on, a child sex offenders registry launched in 2019 with names of reported offenders from 2017 listed.

If you are a victim or know someone needs help, please make a police report get in touch with Protect and Save the Children for assistance:

TEL: (603) 2011 7770 / 2011 2073
EMERGENCY: 016 721 3065

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