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Grab and e-hailing services to experience driver shortage; Here’s some OBVIOUS alternatives to get around

Grab and e-hailing services to experience driver shortage; Here’s some OBVIOUS alternatives to get around

Head’s up Grab users!

Expect delays and longer wait times for your commute as Grab will be having a shortage of drivers.

(Image Credit: Screenshot via Grab)

This driver deficit is due to the new requirements set by the government that requires e-hailing drivers to obtain a mandatory Public Service Vehicle (PSV) license.

Grab says that only 41% of their drivers are licenced, while another 24% are still in waiting.

22% of drivers have basically quit due to the new regulatory process.

(Image Credit: Know Your Meme)s

Meanwhile, some e-hailing drivers are suing and protesting against the Transport Ministry for its failure to look after the welfare of ride-hailing drivers with the implementation of the new regulations.

(Image Credit: Malay Mail)

The new rules would not only affect Grab but ALL ride-hailing apps and services.

Meaning that technically it will be harder for customers to get a ride even if they try to use an alternative e-hailing service besides the popularly used Grap app.

But if you really are DESPERATE and looking for a way to get from point A to point B, here are some OBVIOUS options that you can use to get around;


Experience Malaysia at its best, and be closer than ever to your fellow-man (and women…) in these convenient, timely and reliable tin sadins.

(Image Credit: Trending Now)

You have many options to choose from; KTM, LRT, MRT and the oh so awesome monorail service!


Take time kick back, relax and marvel at the magnificent architecture of your local bus stop.

You can also take the opportunity to work on your patience and anger management as you wait hours upon hours for the bus to arrive, only to wave at it as it passes you by.



Have an awesome time listening to uncles complaining about the rise of ride-sharing services and get the best deets on your local politics.

(Image Credit: Twitter @ernestngBRO)

Test your haggling skills as you negotiate for the absolute best price for your fares and enjoy great discounts on your commutes because the meters are never working.

Rental Cars

At only RM50 – RM500 a day, its a convenient and budget-friendly way to pretend like you own a car!

Drive around like a big shot and don’t even bother following the traffic rules, they won’t apply to you since its not your car!

(Image Credit: Meme Generator)

The best part is, you don’t even need to fuel the car up when you return em!


Zip-around town in this awesome new eco-friendly fad!


You can even take these babies home and park in right in front of your house or apartment so you have access to it at any time.


Do your own social experiment and test out Malaysian generosity by hitching a ride around town. All you need to do is stick your thumb out or carry around a cardboard sign.

(Image Credit: Reddit)

And don’t be paranoid… The chances of you being robbed or murdered are super, super, super low!


Remember how your parents and grandparents would always to say that they used to walk 10km up and down hills to school and work? Well, now you can also relish in the experience of your forefathers!

Become healthier with amazing exercise as you avoid obstacles on the footpath. Get a wicked-looking tan if it’s sunny out, or a free relaxing shower if its pouring rain.


We’re obviously kidding around with these alternative options and understand that public transportation woes are a majorly depressing topic in Malaysia.

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