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Free water bills for Selangoreans, but you’d need to apply first
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Free water bills for Selangoreans, but you’d need to apply first

Akmal Hakim

Calling all Selangor people!

If you would like to continue enjoying free water bills, then you should definitely register to for the Skim Air Darul Ehsan or Darul Ehsan Water Scheme.

(Image Credit: SSIPR)

This new program will provide free, subsidised water bills to eligible Salangoreans based on income level.

Currently, the state government offers free water to all Selangor residents regardless of how much dough you make.

But starting March next year, only registered households making RM4,000 or less will enjoy free water for the first 20 cubic metres recorded on your bills.


The state government said that the new scheme would only allow those who really need the targeted subsidy program. (basically, those who can afford to pay your bills, would need to pay your bills at the usual rate…)

So who is eligible to apply for this new scheme?

  1. Malaysian citizens and those living in Selangor (obviously…)
  2. Those with monthly household income (couples or single people) of RM4,000 and below
  3. Residential homes with individual water meters
  4. Residential buildings using bulk meters – like low-cost apartments and flats – but only upon confirmation by the government
  5. Applicants can ONLY apply for 1 account per premise and ONLY for 1 premise

When to register?

Registration will be from September 30 – December 31.

How to apply?

1 . Applications can be made online through

(Image Credit: SSIPR)

2. Then head on to to download the registration form

(Image Credit: Air Selangor)

3. Applications can also be made at the Pengurusan Air Selangor Sdn Bhd (Air Selangor) counters or any Pusat Khidmat Masyarakat (PKM) office state-wide

4. Completed applications can be submitted directly via email at or at any Air Selangor and PKM counters

For more information just head on over to the Air Selangor website or call 15300

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