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Study: M’sia in Top 10 BEST country for expats, S. Korea & UK in bottom 10

Study: M’sia in Top 10 BEST country for expats, S. Korea & UK in bottom 10

Us Malaysians are always showing off how awesome our food is and how relaxed our lives are, especially when comparing to a certain neighbouring country (*cough* Singapore *cough* *cough* *cough*)

Well, it looks like a lot of other people seem to like our country too.

A global study has found that Malaysia is the 9th BEST country for expats!

Credit: InterNations

Released by InterNations, one of the world’s largest expat community, the Expat Insider 2019 Survey placed Malaysia in the Top 10 out of 64 global destinations after gathering responses from over 20,000 people.

Each destination was ranked based on these 6 factors:

  1. Quality of Life
  2. Ease of Settling In
  3. Working Abroad
  4. Family Life
  5. Personal Finance
  6. Cost of Living

Of these 6 indicators, Malaysia scored pretty well – coming in 3rd for Ease of Settling In and 7th for Personal Finance and Cost of Living.

According to InterNations, a British expat remarked that
there are “earning opportunities compared to very reasonable cost of living”.

Expats also found that it’s easy to settle down in Malaysia
with plenty of fun, social activities to keep them entertained.

Interestingly, many expats were also very pleased at the ease of getting a local mobile number.

While Malaysia received generally favourable reviews, we were outranked by Taiwan (No 1), Vietnam (No 2) and Portugal (No 3).

And if you were wondering, yes. Singapore is on the list at
No 6.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, Kuwait is deemed the WORST expat destination in 2019 with many citing difficulties settling in.

Surprisingly, South Korea (No 55) and UK (No 58) are at the bottom 10.

The whole Brexit mess has left quite an impact on UK-based expats who state that political stability is a big worry for them.

Credit: Memedroid

They also find that the cost of living is high, struggle to
settle in and are unsatisfied in their career prospects.

Meanwhile, overall expat satisfaction with life abroad in South
Korea has decreased and it also ranks poorly in work-life balance.

So it looks like Malaysia’s not so bad after all!

In case you’re planning on working abroad and live the expat life, here’s the Top 10 best destinations for expats:

Credit: InterNations

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