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Foodpanda riders protest new payment scheme; claim will earn them less money

Foodpanda riders protest new payment scheme; claim will earn them less money

Foodpanda delivery riders are on strike.

“Tonight Southekey (Johor Bahru) was packed with Foodpanda riders on protest.”

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“Live update: Foodpanda HQ, Southgate Commercial Centre, Jalan Chan Sow Lin (Kuala Lumpur).”

“Riders have increased in numbers.”

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The protest that’s taking place across the country is due to a new pay scheme which the riders claim will earn them less money.

Previously, riders earned RM4 per hour of work with additional earnings based on every delivery order that they make. This can range from RM3 – RM5 depending on how many deliveries they make in a day. 

Under the new scheme, riders will no longer be paid by the hour.


Instead, they will be paid based on the number of orders they take, which has been increased between RM4.50 – RM7.

This new pay system apparently would only impact riders outside the Klang Valley.

But riders everywhere participated in the protest in solidarity with their colleagues, refusing to pick up and deliver orders on the mobile app.


Commenting on the issue, Foodpanda managing director Sayantan Das said that the new scheme would benefit riders, claiming that the system would provide more income for riders who show more effort and make more deliveries.

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The new system would also give a RM100 bonus for riders that work 60 hours per week, and an added RM1 for every delivery they make between 11pm – 9am, as well as a bonus for riders that make 80 deliveries on their first week.

If you do the math, this does make for more money earned if the riders complete more deliveries.


But riders have complained of the lack of orders.

The removal of the hourly pay rate plus fewer deliveries would mean that riders earn less money.

Public opinion on the matter has sided with the plight of Foodpanda riders.

On social media, Malaysian can be seen showing their support for the strike, with some even issuing a boycott and refused to make orders on the app.

Responding to the issue, Youth and Sports Minister Syed Saddiq said that he sympathizes with the riders who are sticking up for their rights and invites them for an open dialogue.

Pulling a Tony Stark, the minister gave out his home address on social media and invites riders to speak with him personally to discuss the matter.

“I sympathize with the plight of Foodpanda employees. I want to hear your voice so we can come up with a check and balance system that protects workers in a Gig Economy system such as Foodpanda. I will raise your concern in the cabinet meeting this Wednesday. An open dialouge (will be held at my home) Tuesday, 9.30pm at No.4 SS1/41, Petaling Jaya.”

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Syed Saddiq had also met with Foodpanda’s management to discuss the issue and also invited them to the open dialogue at his home.

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Suara anda didengari Pada pagi ini, saya berkesempatan untuk berjumpa dengan pihak pengurusan tertinggi FoodPanda. Beberapa perkara telah saya bangkitkan:- 1) Kelangsungan hidup para Riders terutamanya selepas berlangsungnya skim pembayaran baru. 2) Mengapa wujudnya skim pembayaran yang berbeza untuk kawasan Lembah Klang dan kawasan lain seperti Johor, Pulau Pinang dan negeri lain. 3) Kebajikan Riders jikalau skim baru berdasarkan order dilakukan dan apa pelan kedua jika keadaan cuaca seperti hujan lebat, jerebu dan sebagainya yang akan memberi kesan kepada order. Pihak Pengurusan Foodpanda turut memberi komitmen bahawa mereka akan menilai semula kalau kebajikan Riders dikesan teruk. Saya juga ingin menjemput pihak pengurusan Foodpanda untuk turut hadir dalam sesi dialog malam ini. Untuk Riders dan pengguna malam ini suara anda akan didengari. Jangan lupa untuk hadir ke sesi dialog pada pukul 9.30 malam ini bertempat di No 4 jalan ss1/41,Petaling Jaya, Selangor

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“Your voice is heard. This morning, I had the opportunity to meet with FoodPanda’s top management. Some of the issues I’ve raised:
1) Rider’s welfare, especially after the introduction of the recent payment scheme.
2) Why are there different payment schemes for Klang Valley and other areas such as Johor, Penang and other states?
3) The welfare of riders if the new scheme is based on orders and what is the backup plan if weather conditions like heavy rain, haze and so on affect orders.
Foodpanda’s management also pledged that they would re-evaluate if the riders’ welfare were severely affected.
I would also like to invite Foodpanda’s management to join the dialogue session tonight.
For riders and users tonight your voice will be heard.
Don’t forget to attend the dialogue session at 9:30pm tonight at
No. 4 ss1 / 41, Petaling Jaya, Selangor.”

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In the age of convenience, we sometimes forget that there are actual human beings exhausting their strength to provide us with this newfound comfort.

Let’s hope that the diligent riders at Foodpanda can resolve this issue soon.

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