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How much is CEE 841 worth? Apparently RM5,100

How much is CEE 841 worth? Apparently RM5,100

How many times have you called someone a cib*i while
driving on Malaysian roads?

It could be induced by a sudden bout of of road rage, or the stupidity of the other driver or if you’re just Hokkien like that.

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Whatever the reason, we geddit.

However, we may have just found a legitimate reason for you
to scream-honk the Hokkien curse word.

Someone just paid RM5,100 for a CEE 841 number plate in Pahang!

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Yes, you read that right!

According to New Straits Times, the Pahang Road Transport Department (JPJ) just concluded the online e-bidding for the CEE licence plate series.

While more “elite” number plates like CEE 7 and CEE 9 were unsurprisingly sold for a lofty RM58,000 each, it’s the seemingly random CEE 841 number selling at such a high price that caught people’s attention.

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Its striking similarity to Malaysia’s favourite Hokkien curse word could be the reason why people were throwing money during the bidding which ran from 30th August to 3rd September.

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Another random number that got a surprisingly high bid was CEE
96 at RM3,800. (We’re not sure why but if you have any theories please let us

Other big bucks number plates were CEE 3 at RM50,000, CEE 8
at RM44,444 and CEE 5 at RM43,000.

At the end of the day, the CEE license plate series collected a staggering RM1.024 million. That’s much higher that the CED series which collected a humble RM895,940 in comparison.

To whomever who successfully snapped up the CEE 841 number
plate, we tip our hat to you. But please, try not to drive like a CEE 841 okay!

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