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M’sia may lose 54% of jobs to robots in 20 years!

M’sia may lose 54% of jobs to robots in 20 years!

Akmal Hakim

With the rise of automation and artificial intelligence, the age of the human workforce might be numbered.

Human Resources Minister M Kula Segaran said that a radical change to the working ecosystem is coming within the next 20 years.

Up to 54% of current jobs in the country is vulnerable to disruptions due to the neverending advancements in technology.

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As companies make leaps towards automation, the need for human labour is rapidly decreasing.

Almost half of the companies in Malaysia are expected to reduce their full-time workforce in favor of automation by as soon as 2022.

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80% of semi-skilled jobs are at high risk of being taken over by automation and digital technologies!

Just to give you an example;

Retails salesperson, cashiers, waiters, bartenders… We have robots that can do that!

Taxi drivers, Grab drivers, delivery riders… Guess what, self-driving vehicles are already on the roads!

In order to counter this robot apocalypse Malaysia must improve and adapt to the inevitable progress of technology and innovation.

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Kula Segaran said that the country must move from our current labor-intensive manufacturing and service jobs, towards increasing the high-skill workforce which currently lies at only 28% or just 4 million people.

So what do you say Malaysia? Do you think your job might be taken over by a robot anytime soon?

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