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Health Ministry: How should those caught smoking in restaurants be punished? [Poll]

Health Ministry: How should those caught smoking in restaurants be punished? [Poll]

At the beginning of the year, Malaysians made a ruckus about a newly implemented law: No more smoking at restaurants.

Smokers were appalled at the rule (which specifically stated no smoking within 3 meters of any restaurant), while non-smokers were sighing loud (smoke-free) breaths of relief that they could finally enjoy an outdoor meal that didn’t include nicotine wafting through the air.

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Although smokers adhered to the law for the first few weeks, it appears that since there has been no news of the government taking action against anyone, smokers are again happily puffing away anywhere they please.

In an effort to crack down on those who are no longer taking the no-smoking rule seriously, the Health Ministry has launched a poll on their Facebook page.

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In the poll, the ministry wants to know if the public agrees to punish those found smoking in restaurants by having them carry out community service activities.

The examples given include washing toilets, picking up rubbish and cutting grass.

According to Health Minister, Datuk Seri Dr Dzulkefly Ahmad, a community service punishment is being considered over a fine as this punishment would provide greater benefit to society.

At the time of writing, the poll results are at 93% of respondents agreeing to the punishment against 7% not agreeing (doesn’t look too good for smokers ATM, TBH).

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Separately, the Health Ministry also said that 30,698 warning letters will be sent next year to Malaysian smokers who were caught not adhering to the no-smoking rule.

This follows the government’s announcement in April that the six-month educational enforcement period would be extended until the end of 2019.

Dr Dzulkefly added that to date, enforcement officers have checked 129,180 premises for those breaking the non-smoking law to date.

You can find the Health Ministry’s Facebook poll post below:

Do you think smokers caught smoking at restaurants should be punished with community service? 

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