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Flight delayed at KLIA? Here’s what’s going on plus 7 tips to help you stay sane

Flight delayed at KLIA? Here’s what’s going on plus 7 tips to help you stay sane

In case you haven’t heard, KLIA has been facing major systems disruptions since Wednesday night (Aug 21).

It seems like the situation is pretty chaotic and the whole thing has reportedly caused more than 68 flight delays so far.

If you are stuck in the airport or have a plane to catch soon and not sure what to do, here are some quick tips to keep you sane!

1. Be there early

Check-ins and baggage are apparently being handled manually. Obviously, this is gonna take some time and result in incredibly long queues. So, THE EARLIER YOU ARE, THE BETTER.

KLIA has been advising travellers to be at the airport AT LEAST 4 hours prior to your flight’s scheduled departure.

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2. Know your rights.

If your flight has been delayed, or even worse, cancelled, you can contact your airline and file a written complaint.

Potential compensation perks can include a free lunch, complimentary hotel stays, or alternative transportation. By knowing what you can claim for, you can make the best out of a bad situation.

3. Bring some extra cash.

It’s always a safe bet to bring some emergency cash when travelling just in case your credit/debit cards don’t work or aren’t accepted.

If you end up staying at the airport longer than expected, you’ll be able to buy some food. At the very least, if you’re bored then you can use the money to pick up a sudoku puzzles book at the airport convenience stores.

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4. Keep your phone close and fully charged

We know it might be a long wait and you’re probably gonna spend that time fiddling with your phone but be sure to keep your battery levels up and bring a fully charged power bank.

In case your flight gets further delayed or cancelled you’ll need it to contact your friends and family and make last-minute arrangements and bookings.

5. Do some sightseeing at the airport

Found yourself with a lot of time but nothing to do? Explore KLIA while you wait.

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You can spend time leisurely scanning the duty-free shelves or lepak-ing at one of the many restaurants. We even heard they have a spa somewhere in the airport.

Of course, we’d advise that you double-check your boarding gate and time before you go on your airport adventure.

6. Bring something to do.

The wait might be a long one, and you can only scroll through Facebook/Instagram/Twitter before you get bored of that too.

So, bring along something to kill the time. Whether it’s a tablet loaded with books, a Nintendo DS with your favourite games, or just a crossword puzzle, these activities will help you keep your sanity intact during a stressful time.

7. Take a nap

Lacking sleep? Now is literally the best time to catch up on some much-needed Z’s. Apparently, KLIA is known to be quite popular for comfortable naps.

The best chairs and benches are located airside in the Main Terminal, with especially good spots located near the 2nd-floor food court and the Samsung lounge. We’ve also seen several reports saying there are sleeping pods on the mezzanine level of the airport!

Bring eyeshades and earplugs for the best sleep as airports tend to be busy around the clock.

If you’re currently at the airport, let us know what’s going on via our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!

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