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Wawasan 2020: M’sia 3rd national car to be unveiled in 2020!

Wawasan 2020: M’sia 3rd national car to be unveiled in 2020!

Do you remember yelling out the lyrics of Keranamu Malaysia
in school?

So did the Malaysian government, because they’re taking the “Berkereta
jenama negara, Megah menyusur di jalan raya”
line pretty seriously.

Credit: Wikipedia

Seriously enough to launch Malaysia’s THIRD national car!

Step aside, Proton & Perodua. There’s gonna be a new player in town.

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The Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI) made the announcement this morning (9th August) that Cyberjaya-based company DreamEDGE will produce the third national car.

“The objective of new national car is to adopt science, technology and engineering. It is a fully-fledged vehicle developed in Malaysia.”

Darell Leiking, International Trade and Industry Minister via Malay Mail.

Minister of International Trade and Industry Datuk Ignatius Darell Leiking shakes hands with DreamEdge CEO Khairil Adri Adnan (second from left) during a press conference at i-Tech Tower, Cyberjaya August 9, 2019.
(Credit: Shafwan Zaidon/Malay Mail)

Who is DreamEDGE?

The Malaysian company founded by 3 local engineers in 2007 boasts
a pretty impressive resume of design and R&D contracts by corporations in
Japan, the UK, Austria, Brazil, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.

In fact, DreamEDGE has a hand in the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo!

They helped create a next-gen eco-friendly shuttle vehicle that will be used during the games next year.

The private company now has a manufacturing and prototyping centre in Cyberjaya, an innovation lab in Bukit Jalil, a design centre in Taiping, AND an R&D office in Tokyo, Japan!

DreamEDGE’s Electric Bus
(Credit: DreamEDGE)

So it looks like we’ll be in pretty good hands…

What will the 3rd national car look like?

According to MITI, the new national car will be a BRAND NEW MODEL with “advanced technology”.

Looking at DreamEDGE’s past projects and Malaysiakini’s report, it’s likely that Malaysia’s 3rd national car will be a Range Extended Electric Vehicle (REEV).

Image for illustration only.
(Credit: The Sunday Times)

According to this research paper we found, a REEV is :

“a vehicle powered predominantly by a zero emission energy storage device, able to drive the vehicle for more than 75 all-electric miles (~120km), and also equipped with a backup auxiliary power unit (APU), which does not operate until the energy storage device is fully depleted”.

Long story short: It’s an electric vehicle with an APU used solely to recharge the energy storage system and extend the vehicle’s electric range.

DreamEDGE’s Low Speed Electric Vehicle (LSEV)
(Credit: DreamEDGE)

Exactly WHEN will we see this car?

According to Malay Mail, the first prototype is expected to be unveiled in March 2020.

Meanwhile the launch of the car will most likely be in March 2021.

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