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Pahang mum & 2 kids sleep on cardboard in hospital lobby to care for cancer-struck husband

Pahang mum & 2 kids sleep on cardboard in hospital lobby to care for cancer-struck husband

Good health, good sleep and a roof over our heads. Sometimes,
it’s easy to forget how easy we have it.

But such basic necessities are not always enjoyed by everyone as netizens share the sad tale of Sarina Endut and her family who have been sleeping in the lobby of Hospital Sultan Haji Ahmad Shah (HoSHAS), Temerloh.

Sarina and her two daughters, aged 8 and 6, have spent 2
sleeping on cardboard boxes at the hospital.

Pic Credit: The Star


Because Sarina needs to care for her husband, 59-year-old Jamaluddin
Uyub, who is currently battling stomach cancer.

The 40-year-old mother and her young children had no choice.

They have not gone home since Jamaluddin was warded on July
24 because they had no transportation and money to travel back and forth from
their home in Pulau Tawar, about 70 kilometres away.

Screenshot from Google Maps

Sarina also had to quit her job as a school cleaner after taking
time off to take care of her sick husband.

With no income, no transportation and a sick member, the family had no choice but to make the hospital their home.

“The little money I have left is used to buy food. But I am grateful that some people have donated some things for us.

The blanket that we have is also given to us after someone saw us sleeping without anything to keep ourselves warm.”

Sarina via The Star.

In the two weeks since they’ve put up in the hospital, a worried Sarina has been going back and forth between the lobby and ward, endlessly caring for both her husband and daughters.

Pic Credit: Oh My Media

“Who won’t worry, thinking about their two children left alone in the hospital lobby? They are also not familiar here, but my husband needs my help to take care of him.

I have no choice but to continuously go up and down from the ward and lobby to see the kids. It’s exhausting but at least I see them with my own eyes.”

Sarina via Harian Metro.

The Star reports that she would also seek help from the hospital’s security guard to keep an eye on her kids.

However, there’s some good news!

Thanks to the power of social media, Sarina’s story went
viral and her family’s tale of misfortune have reached the right folks at the
hospital and State Welfare Department.

Pic Credit: Kosmo! Online

Sarina and her family have since been put up in a room by the hospital’s welfare department.

“We receive a lot of patients every day and there are many who relax at the hospital lobby, including some who sleep at night.

So as soon as her story of having to leave two young children came to our knowledge, we made every effort to find a room.”

Datuk Dr Sha’ari Ngadiman, Pahang State Health Department director via Bernama.

Besides that, the Pahang State Welfare Department has also given Sarina’s family a one-off assistance of RM300 and they will begin receiving Children’s Aid from September onwards.

We love a happy ending!

TRP sends our love and best wishes to Sarina and her family ♥

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