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KL WORST in work-life balance, 4th overworked city in latest study

KL WORST in work-life balance, 4th overworked city in latest study

Hello, fellow burnt-out adults. We’ve got some bad news that’s not surprising AT ALL.

KL has the worst work-life balance in a new global index!

The list comes courtesy of keyless access technology company Kisi, which selected 40 cities around the world that were known for attracting professionals and families for work opportunities and lifestyle offerings.

With a total maximum score of 100, each city was given points under 3 main categories:

  • Work Intensity Score – Hours Worked/Week, Vacations Taken, Unemployment (%), Paid Maternal and Parental leave (days), Commuting (one-way, minutes), etc
  • Society & Institutions Score – Social Spending (% of GDP), Healthcare Score, Gender Equality Score, etc.
  • City Livability Score – Safety Score, Happiness Score, City Stress Score, etc.

So how well did KL do?

Errr… not that great tbh!

Out of 100, KL accumulated a grand total of ONE.

See la…
(Pic credit: Kisi)

According to Kisi, a score of 1 indicates that the city performs the poorest in comparison to the other cities in the study.

KL is the 4th most overworked city, surpassed by Tokyo, Washington and Singapore.

Besides that, KL employees work on average, 46 hours a week, with 22% employees working MORE than 48 hours.

KL workers are also the 3rd least likely to take their annual leave days, with an average of only 12.3 off days taken.

To put that into context, KL-ites spend 96.6% of the year at work.

If you think all that hard work pays off, then you’re wrong.

According to the study, KL-ites are the unhappiest of the lot with the lowest happiness score and also the 5th most stressed city.

Is there any good news?

Got la some okay news.

The unemployment rate for KL was pretty low at 2.4%. Plus, the paid paternity and maternity leave isnt the lowest.

KL averages 98 paid mommy-daddy-baby leave, which is the same as Tokyo and Singapore and MUCH better than some US cities which gives parents ZERO DAYS.

In conclusion: Work Hard, Stay Unhappy.

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