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Raped since 12, Sabah girl kept as sex slave for 14 years by foster father

Raped since 12, Sabah girl kept as sex slave for 14 years by foster father

When living our seemingly normal lives, we can sometimes forget
that the world is sometimes full of literal human trash.

Today, we are reminded of this horrible reality as news broke
on multiple Malaysian news sites of a Sabah man who kept his foster daughter as
a sex slave for 14 years.

A 27-year old Sabah woman decided that she finally had enough and went to the police, reporting her foster father for repeatedly raping her since 2004.

In the police report, she states that the man in his 50s had been raping her since she was 12 years old.

She also states that the rapes happened in the dark of the night, between 10pm and 3am, over three houses in squatter areas and Kampung Sarip housing area.

The last incident of rape was in December last year.

According to Malay Mail, she did not report her foster father earlier because he had threatened to kill her and her two younger siblings, who lived with him after their parents divorced in 2004.

But, she finally reached a breaking point. Having enough of
the 14-year sexual abuse, the victim went to the police who took down her statement
and sent her to the hospital for examination.

Subsequently, Lahad Datu Hospital has confirmed that there
were signs of old tears on the woman’s hymen.

Picture Credit: Sayang Sabah

Lahad Datu district police chief, Nasri Mansor are currenly looking for the suspect, identified as Mohd Insang, and urges anyone with information to contact the police immediately.

Picture Credit: Astro Awani

The case is being investigated under Penal Code Section 376 where those who committed rape will be punished with imprisonment for a term up to 20 years with whipping.

If you or anyone you know are victims of sexual abuse, we urge you to seek help immediately.

You may reach out to NGOs such as Women’s Aid Organisation at their hotline +603 7956 3488 or WhatsApp/SMS TINA at +6018 988 8058 (open 24-hours).

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