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Durian falls on mother & baby in Pahang, injuring both

Durian falls on mother & baby in Pahang, injuring both

Kirat Kaur

While we’re all enjoying ourselves this durian season, there’s
good reason to remember that the King of Fruits has a prickly side.

A Pahang mother came to realise this when a durian fell on
, then bounced off and hit her 4-month old baby!

According to Sinar Harian, Megat Zarulfais Megat Kamaruddin, husband & father of the victims, said that a roughly 1-kilogram durian had left his wife and child bruised.

Original Image via Anita Isalska / Lonely Planet

Thankfully, baby Megat Muhammad Kays Muhaddin did not sustain any serious injuries. Although, his face was scratched up pretty badly. So kesian!

Picture Credit: @infosemasaharian/Facebook

Meanwhile, the mother sustained injuries and bruises to her
chest as she got the full impact of the falling fruit.

Megat Zarulfais explained that his wife had gone for a walk outside
to calm down the crying baby. Then, she heard the sound of a fruit falling from
a tree and immediately started running, fearful of getting hit.

Image for illustration purposes only.
(Credit: Kosmo! Online)

Unfortunately, luck was not on her side and the thorny fruit
made its mark on the poor duo.

They were quickly rushed to Hospital Jengka, but baby Megat
Muhammad Kays was allowed to go home as his injuries were not as bad as his

There is some good news after the thorny incident as the baby is reported to be happy and active as usual.

TRP wishes the mother & son a speedy recovery!

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