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80,000 M’sian football fans break Viking Clap record & get international attention

80,000 M’sian football fans break Viking Clap record & get international attention

Back in 2016, millions of football fans around the globe had tingles running down their spine every time the Icelandic team played a match in the UEFA Euro 2016. Then, the same thing happened again in the 2018 FIFA World Cup.

No, it wasn’t because the Nordic players were so tall, buff, and handsome (well.. not the only reason) but because of the intensely chilling Thunder Clap a.k.a Viking Clap.

Original Image via Sydney Morning Herald

Well, looks like the famous clap heated up the Bukit Jalil National Stadium when 83,520 football fans BROKE RECORDS FOR LARGEST VIKING CLAP IN MALAYSIA!

Making history in the Malaysia Book of Redords, the thunderous event took place last weekend (July 27) during the 2019 FA Cup Final between Kedah and Perak team.

Picture Credit: Malaysia Book of Records

That’s not all though, the epic event managed to impress international
fans who clapped their eyes on the Malaysian football fans clapping.

Scores of supportive comments flooded the video shared on ESPN FC’s Facebook page, but there were some pretty amazing Malaysian trolls which we feel deserve some attention.

Screenshot via ESPN FC/Facebook

The news even made it to UK’s The Guardian AND Fox Sports Asia!

What is the Viking Clap?

Made popular by Icelandic football fans, the Viking Clap is a
celebration where a slow chant ends with an intimidating clap, following the beat
of a drum.

The claps get quicker with each following clap and is accompanied by a deep cry of ‘huh’!

While people would naturally assume that it’s some sort of ancient Viking war cry, the truth is that the potent chant was adopted from a ScottishFootball Club!

This is just the little bit of good news needed by Malaysian football fans after images of rubbish strewn across the stadium after the match went viral on social media earlier this week.

There’s a glimmer of hope that the international spotlight may inspire our local bois to clean up their act, then we’ll really get to do a thunderous Viking Clap at the next match.

Original Image via Malay Mail

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