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Your parents were wrong, THESE are the careers you should have gone for in Msia

Your parents were wrong, THESE are the careers you should have gone for in Msia

Anne Dorall

Whenever our parents pushed us into being “doctors, lawyers, or engineers”, we knew deep in our hearts that they weren’t necessarily… right.

It turns out that our nagging doubts were valid, because a new study by Hays shows that the areas with greatest skills shortages in Malaysia were not for doctors, lawyers, or engineers.


Instead, companies want accountants, finance planners, salespeople, IT managers, and operations managers.

According to the report, these managerial positions are most difficult to fill across all industries, with about 20% of Malaysian employers nominating these positions.

60% of employers are also looking for hard skills over soft skills, particularly in statistical analysis and data mining, project management, and computer skills. For soft skills, employers looked for problem solving, teamwork, and critical thinking abilities.


We can see that there’s a lot of management-related and computer technology-related requirements, which often covers a broad range of knowledge and is a far cry from the oft-touted specialized doctor and lawyer careers!

Of course, that doesn’t mean that being a doctor, lawyer, or engineer is a bad career path- those are still viable and lucrative jobs that you can excel at in Malaysia.


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