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Grab slammed for rude reply on Twitter
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Grab slammed for rude reply on Twitter


City folk would know the importance of Grab and other e-hailing services.

You know, Grab being your lifeline sending you to work every morning because…well, there just isn’t any other transportation from your place to work, you would know about CARMEGEDDON starting from tomorrow (July 13)!

Well this time, Grab went to Twitter with an appalling reply pushing netizens off the edge.

So how many Grab drivers are there in JB after the PSV apocalypse? Today A LOT of my staff were late to work. Expensive + have to wait a long time.

To his shock, Grab actually replied to his complaint.


It’s bad enough that thousands will be affected with the PSV enforcement, but to be replied with such a curt response?

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Twitterjaya is of course now completely upset. The internet was not having it.

Though some were polite enough to suggest some ideas.

To which Grab cheerfully replied…

Realising their mistake, Grab apologized for their curt reply.


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