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Can ‘healthy’ fruit juices cause cancer?

Can ‘healthy’ fruit juices cause cancer?

We’ve always been aware that sugary drinks were bad, especially carbonated drinks.

But fruit juices? Seriously?? Just when we thought we were being healthy??


In France, 101,257 people participated in research that ran up to 9 years that studied the connection between the intake of sugary drinks (including 100% fruit juices, mind you) and the risk of cancer.

Shockingly they found out that drinking just 100ml of sugary drinks a day would increase the chances of cancer by a whopping 18%!

For women, the chances of breast cancer can increase to about 22% with that same amount of sugar.

To put it into context, drinking as much as half a cup of your teh tarik in the morning can, unfortunately, escalate your chances of getting cancer.

The research went on to conclude that because of since the study had such a large number of participants, they are going to add the consumption of sugary drinks as a modifiable risk factor in cancer prevention.

I.e. it is up to us to reduce our sugar intake if we want to live a healthier life.

In addition to all this, the authors in BMJ medical journals even suggested that sugar taxes will actually have a substantial impact on cancers.

So maybe the sugar taxes that just started isn’t all that bad huh? Perhaps the suggestion to tax bubble tea and teh tarik is also valid.

Compared to other countries, Malaysia’s sugar tax is still considered cheap.

Unlike in the UK that charges about 18pence (~RM0.93) per litre for the first 5g of sugar per litre, and 24pence (~RM1.24) for more than 8g per litre of sugar in drinks.


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