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Appeal for Bantuan Sara Hidup (BSH) 2019 opens today- who can apply

Appeal for Bantuan Sara Hidup (BSH) 2019 opens today- who can apply

Attention fellow broke, underpaid Malaysians, we’ve got some good news for you…

The appeal for Program Bantuan Sara Hidup (BSH) 2019 opens today!


In a statement released today, the Malaysian Finance Ministry announced that the appeal period for the welfare program begins today (1st July) until 15th August 2019.

So far, the government has spent RM 1.42 billion to give aid to 3.6 million recipients in the second phase of the BSH 2019 payment.

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The appeal period is opened to ensure that the programme will be able to provide relief to the truly deserving.

New, let’s check if you fall into that category….

What is BSH?

Formerly known as BR1M, Bantuan Sara Hidup (BSH) is a welfare programme targeted to aid low-income earners or the bottom 40% income earners of Malaysia (B40).

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According to the Statistics Department, B40 have a median household income of RM3,000.

Who can apply?


Individuals, senior citizens, married couples and single parents can apply for BSH based on the criteria below:


  • Malaysian citizens currently residing IN Malaysia.
  • Male/Female head of the family, currently working in Malaysia with household income RM4,000 and below.

Married Couples

  • Malaysian citizen couples with MyKad, MyPR or MyKAS.
  • Non-Malaysian citizens (ID other than MyPR/MyKAS) with a Malaysian child (MyKad/MyKid).

Guardian of a child/children:

The child/children must be:

  • Biological child (including those born out of wedlock) or adopted child registered with National Registration Department.
  • Malaysian citizen with Malaysian identification (MyKad/MyKid)
  • Not employed / no source of income
  • 18 years and below OR
  • 19 years and above – full time student in a higher education institute OR person with disability (OKU) registered with Social Welfare Department
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How to apply?

New applications/appeal can be made online at the BSH website:

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At any LHDN branch or service centre, and LHDN Urban Transformation Centre (UTC).

Fyi, make sure you have your necessary documents prepared including IC, birth certificates, and passport where applicable.


If you want to know more or simply have some questions, you can call the toll free number (1-800-88-2747) or e-mail

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