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WARNING: Dangerous poisons found in 4 locally sold products & how to spot them

WARNING: Dangerous poisons found in 4 locally sold products & how to spot them

You should reaaaallyy be careful with what you buy, especially when it’s from a random seller.

Who knows what sort of chemicals are inside? Or if the products
are even hygienic?


Well, here’s some news to confirm your worst suspicions…

The Pharmacy Services Programme, a branch of the Malaysian Health Ministry, has just released a warning on FOUR products found to contain dangerous scheduled poisons.

1. BB Body

Picture Credit: Shopee

POISON : Sibutramine

An appetite suppressant used for weight loss treatments for patients
with obesity. However, a high number of cardiovascular complications resulted
in the drug being discontinued in many countries.

Adverse effects: Increased heart rate (tachycardia), shortness of breath, dangerously high blood pressure, insomnia, dry mouth and nausea.


2. Bello Smaze

Picture Credit: Bello Smaze S/Facebook

POISON : Sibutramine

3. Choco Fit

Picture Credit: KPK Kesihatan

POISON : Sibutramine

4. Seahorse Chop Du  Zhong Ba Ji Wan

Picture Credit: KPK Kesihatan

POISON : Dexamethasone, Chlorpheniramine & Frusemide

Adverse effects: Rapid weight gain, face puffiness aka ‘moon

*WARNING* The Seahorse product also contains potent steroids. Stopping steroids without proper medical care will result in severe withdrawal symptoms such as lethargy, confusion and low blood pressure.


The Health Ministry warns anyone currently using the products above to STOP IMMEDIATELY and SEE A DOCTOR.

The information comes from the Singapore Health Science Authority (HSA) which also reported that the unregistered products are currently being sold in Johor Bahru.

In response, the Malaysian Pharmaceutical Services Division has conducted three raids on shops in JB, but could not find any of the products above being sold. They will continue with regular checks to ensure no unregistered or fake/dangerous products are sold.

Picture Credit: The Star

Anyone found selling dangerous and fake products will be charged under Regulation 7(1)(a) of Control of Drugs and Cosmetics Regulations 1984 under the Sale of Drugs Act 1952.

Picture Credit: Meme Generator

Those found guilty will be fined maximum RM25,000 or 3 years jail, or both for the first offence. Repeat offenders will be fined maximum of RM50,000 or 5 years jail, or both.

How to spot a fake product?

Look for the holographic Meditag. All licensed products contain a MAL registration number with the holographic sticker on the packaging. If that’s missing, DO NOT BUY.

Picture Credit: Jom Kenal Ubat/Twitter

Check the registration status at:
1. NPRA website
2. Calling the NPRA at 03-78835400
3. NPRA Product Status mobile app

If you spot a suspicious product being sold, please report it to the Pharmacy Services Programme through their website or any Pharmaceutical Services Division branch.

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