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No more Mr Nice Guy – MBPJ is clamping down on illegal ‘chup parking’ in SS2 & Section 17

No more Mr Nice Guy – MBPJ is clamping down on illegal ‘chup parking’ in SS2 & Section 17

Admit it, how many times have you cursed/screamed/rammed into cones, when looking for parking in PJ?



On one side, you have a**h**e double-parkers. On the other side, c***i business owners who chup parking overnight with cones, palangs (metal barriers) and even ugly chairs.

Picture Credit: The Star

We feel your pain, and so does Petaling Jaya City Council (MBPJ).

Picture Credit: Aduan MBPJ & Yarn

MBPJ has actually been really strict about the illegal booking of parking bays. Just last November, they announced that rented parking bays MUST be open to public after 6.30pm.

They even specifically stated that shop owners CANNOT paint the parking bays in red paint and that auto workshops can only put METAL ramps in front of their shops that must be REMOVED after 6.30pm.


But of course, business owners being business owners, they
carry on with the selfish hogging of the already limited parking spots.

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So MBPJ got busy and has issued 52 compounds and 11 notices altogether to the parking rule-breakers in SS2 & Section 17 from January to May this year.

Picture Credit: The Star

Not only that, City council Treasury assistant accountant Zay Iskandar has also warned these sneaky, inconsiderate shop owners that they could face serious implications to the extent of having their business license revoked!

These parking obstructions are considered an offence under the Road, Drainage and Building Act 1974 (Act 133) where guilty offenders are issued fines from RM250 to RM1,000.

What to do if you see an illegally chup-ed parking spot?

Picture Credit: Malay Mail

You can remove the illegal obstruction after 6.30pm.

But, that could be a risky move as we’ve heard many stories of cars being scratched and tyres slashed by these selfish people.

So the best option is to go directly to MBPJ la and do what every Malaysian was born to do…


(jk jk.. not really)

Original Image: Azmin Ali/Twitter

You have a couple of options to report this offence:
1. E-mail to
2. Call the 24-hour hotline at 03-7954 2020
3. Facebook message MBPJ Aduan
4. Through the “eAduan MBPJ” mobile app

Go forth and report the offenders, people. The more we report, the better MBPJ can do their jobs. To quote a peribahasa we haven’t used since SPM:

“Bersatu teguh, bercerai roboh”

Translation: ‘United we strong stand, divorce collapse divided we fall”


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