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Msian police stops family of 5 squeezed on one motorcycle, helps send them home

Msian police stops family of 5 squeezed on one motorcycle, helps send them home

Anne Dorall

Ah, we see them everywhere. They’re like the Myvis of motorcycles. A game of human Tetris. 1 kapcai, 5 human lives. Little kids clinging onto their parents with no helmets on.


Unfortunately for many Malaysian families, that’s the reality they must live through daily.

Fortunately for this Malaysian family, traffic police took pity on them. They stopped the family and offered them a ride home in the police car instead of giving them a ticket.

Koperal Mariani and the newborn baby.
Picture credit: Facebook

The family were in Seksyen 13 Shah Alam with 3 children aged 3-years-old, 1-year-old, and 20-days-old. They were traveling on the Guthrie Corridor Expressway when they were stopped by traffic police.

Their kind action was applauded by netizens, though many also expressed sadness at the family’s plight.

Picture credit: Facebook

“Thank you so much for making the right decision and helping the family.”

Picture credit: Facebook

“I believe this family has been reminded of the danger and offences of riding a motorcycle with more than 2 people. But that’s the only ability they have. Suing them will not address their problems immediately and make their lives difficult. May this family be given more so that their lives be comfortable.”

Piling on to a kapcai is the only mode of transportation some people can afford. (Picture is not of the family.)
Picture credit: New Malaysian Post

It may be dangerous, and it may be illegal, but for many families this mode of transportation is all they have. They have no other choice.

We as a society must work together to ensure appropriate support and help is given to those who need it most.

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