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Mob goes crazy at grand opening of Japanese bundle store in Setapak

Mob goes crazy at grand opening of Japanese bundle store in Setapak

Anne Dorall

A 2-minute clip uploaded to Facebook last week showed a huge crowd jostling at the grand opening of a Jalan Jalan Japan store in Setapak.

The crowd rushed in even before the shutters fully opened, in a situation eerily similar to mobs at Uniqlo when the Kaws collection was released.

I don’t understand… What’s there to buy?
Picture credit: Facebook

While it’s somewhat understandable to mob for highly anticipated designer items, Jalan Jalan Japan is a store selling pre-loved second-hand items… from Japan.

Although the Japanese are very well known for keeping tidy and cute items, the fact of the matter is that the store stocks used goods and occasionally, very used goods.

As usual, netizens chimed in with their funny observations.

Usually it’s just the girls who do this, but I see a lot of guys too, what does this place sell?
Erm, are they only open for 2 hours? I thought only women would scramble like this for a sale…

Still, many netizens shared their love and support for the second-hand store.

They claim that the store stocks all kinds of goods from Japan, not just clothing.

It seems that a lot of people certainly love Jalan Jalan Japan, since the store at M3 Mall in Gombak is the 4th branch to open in Malaysia.

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