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16 foot cobra snake caught barehanded in grocery store.

16 foot cobra snake caught barehanded in grocery store.

Due to heavy and constant rain, cobras and pythons have started to snake their way into our houses. Recently, a shop owner in Pekan found a cobra hiding behind boxes in his shop.

Unless you are like Shafiq Zulkifli, 23, the ‘snake tamer’ who caught a snake barehanded, we suggest you to take several steps to snake-proof your house this rainy season.

Syafiq with fellow villagers holding a 4.8 meter long cobra weighing about 7 kgs
(Pic Credit: Bernama)

It only took Shafiq 5 minutes to ‘charm’ the snake out.


So what can you do to stop these reptiles from coming in?

Among the things you can do is to close off all access to your home like those nooks and crannies in the kitchen. Traditionally people used big chunks of wooden blocks.

You can also try to buying snake repellents that are available in hardware shops. We prefer these compared to sulphur powder (which is commonly used in Malaysia), especially if you have pets in your house.

(Pic Credit: Google)

But what if they are already in my house?

Although if there already is a snake in your house, the first thing you should do is to LEAVE the snake ALONE. They tend to be aggressive if you provoke them.

Then call the Fire Department at 999 or call the Malaysian Civil Defence Force (JPAM).

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