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7 incredible reasons why you should respect the Hong Kong protesters

7 incredible reasons why you should respect the Hong Kong protesters

Hong Kongers took to the streets yesterday to protest a controversial bill that would allow extradition to mainland China.

Picture Credit: Paul Yeung/Bloomberg

The former British colony currently operates with an independent legal system, free press and unrestricted internet. If this bill is passed, it would give China the right to arrest alleged criminals in Hong Kong.

Essentially, this would give China the power to “legally
abduct” critics of the regime.

The debate over the extradition bill was scheduled to take place yesterday, but thousands of activists formed a blockade around the government headquarters to prevent lawmakers from participating.

Picture Credit: Justin Chin/Bloomberg

Just like when Malaysians were met with hostility during some of the Bersih protests, the Hong Kong protesters were met with police decked in riot gear.

However, the key difference is how well prepared the Hong Kong protesters were. Here’s what they did:

1. Armed with protective gear of their own

Face mask? Check
Eye goggles? Check
Helmet? Check
Umbrella? Check

Picture Credit: Justin Chin/Bloomberg
Picture Credit: Eduardo Leal /Bloomberg

2. Using cash to buy public transportation tickets to stop authorities from tracking their movements.

Long queues were spotted at the MTR ticket machines as protesters purchased their tickets with cash instead of using the contactless Octopus card.

3. Taking advantage of the crowd control mechanisms.

Just as the tweet below shows, the protesters took metal barriers meant to contain them and positioned them to from blockades around the Legislative Building (where the debate was supposed to take place) instead.

4. Using vehicles to block roads

The roads leading to the Legislative building were also blocked by cars and busses.

5. Using water to neutralise tear gas

So simple.. yet so brilliant.

6. Bringing extras to help each other out

In the video below, protesters quickly gave this reporter an umbrella and helmet when the police started firing tear gas in their direction.

Organisers also had stockpiles ready to be handed out.

7. They cleaned up after themselves

Despite the exhaustion and brutality of the protests, they still stopped to clean up the city, throw away rubbish and even sorted out the recyclables!

While the protesters were well prepared to face opposition, it did not stop violence from breaking out. Police fired rubber bullets and assaulted the unarmed protesters.

Hong Kong is currently in shock after the long day and night of protest. CNN reports that at least two people are currently hospitalised with serious injuries.

We’re incredibly moved by the powerful images and videos we’ve
seen of the protest and our thoughts and prayers go to the resilient people of
Hong Kong.

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