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China and India greening up the world

China and India greening up the world

Popular perception of China and India are hot, crowded, and smoky.

Large cities in China such as Beijing struggle with constant smog and air pollution.
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However, both these countries are responsible for a significant greening of the world, with China having a 10% increase of greening and India at about 6%.

The greener, the better.
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China in particular has always struggled with pollution as their economy expanded, but they have since taken swift action with many green buildings and sustainable proposals.

Many of their newer buildings are designed with green architecture elements.

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The Shanghai Tower, for example, is designed to capture rainwater for internal use, has 270 vertical wind turbines to generate electricity, and its distinctive spiral shape reduces the amount of building materials needed.

Imagine living so close to nature!
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The new Liuzhou Forest City will be a project in the forest city concept, with clusters of “vertical forest” buildings surrounded by greenery.

India chose to return to nature and planted a record-breaking 66 million trees in 12 hours, which has seen the results two years later.

Some of the 1.5 million volunteers involved.
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We can see the positive results of green architecture and other sustainable lifestyles almost immediately, which means it’s never too late to start.

Malaysia has already seen a rising interest in being eco-friendly, but there is still a lot of work to be done.


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