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You can WhatsApp JPJ to rat out those who drive on the emergency lane

You can WhatsApp JPJ to rat out those who drive on the emergency lane


You can now report naughty rule breakers on the road via WhatsApp to the Road Transport Department (JPJ).

On Facebook today, JPJ released a post recommending road users to report on other road users who break the rules!

Be it driving in the emergency lane, running a red light or even using their phone while driving, you can snap a picture or video and send it over via WhatsApp to 013-449 8997.

Along with the photo or video, you also need to give JPJ some details regarding the offence.

For example, the date/time, the offence made, the type of vehicle and their registration number plate also need to be included in your WhatsApp.

But you also have to give your own details when sending JPJ your report.

Those who send in complaints need to divulge their full name, IC number, address and telephone number in the WhatsApp complaint.

JPJ will then reply to your complaint with a ‘Notis 114’ which is a report that an investigation is being carried out on their part.

However, don’t go using your own phone and recording these actions if you’re the one behind the wheel.

Then you’ll just be the pot calling the kettle black.


If you’re driving, get one of those dashcams you can have fitted in your cars instead.


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