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Car window tint laws changed today. Sorta

Car window tint laws changed today. Sorta

Car window tinting laws have been updated today but front windscreens still need to be at least 70% transparent and front side windows still at 50%.

(Pic via JPJ Facebook)

What has changed is rear windows seem to no longer have hard tint limits anymore.

However, these are for private vehicles only.

All windows for vehicles registered and used for transportation of passengers and goods have be at least 70% transparent. Like Grab.

Transport Minister Anthony Loke testing out a car window’s tint even though the % is right there on the glass.
(Pic via JPJ Facebook)

At the same time, if you can still apply for darker tints for security or health reasons.

For security reasons, there’s an application fee of RM50 and if approved, the fee is RM5,000 for two years.


Those applying under health reasons won’t be charged any fees but need written confirmation from a government medical officer.

Tell me again how you need a tint because your skin is sensitive and not because you don’t want people to see your face after cutting queue at the exit ramp?

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