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Cigarette alternative; IQOS gets US FDA approval

Cigarette alternative; IQOS gets US FDA approval

The United States’ Food and Drug Administration (US FDA) has given Philip Morris International the green light to sell their IQOS products there.

IQOS, which is pen-shaped and comes with a charger, vaporizes mini tobacco sticks by heating instead of burning them.
(Pic Credit: Philip Morris International)

Though not yet approved in Malaysia, an approval by the US FDA is a positive step for the company.

However, whether it is less harmful has yet to been determined by the US FDA.

IQOS is popular among Japanese.
(Pic Credit: Vox)

Currently, IQOS is available in most parts of Europe, South Korea and especially in Japan.

IQOS is well received in Japan as the sale of liquid nicotine is banned there.

There is an expected increase in consumption of non traditional cigarettes
(Pic Credit: No Fire, No Smoke, Global State of Tobacco Harm Reduction)

IQOS does not come in attractive fruity or sweet flavours like previous e-cigarettes, and are expected to have a higher retail price.

These factors are said to be an attempt to ward off teenagers and young adults from consuming the IQOS.

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