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Get out of Singapore (faster)

Get out of Singapore (faster)


It seems that if you’re leaving Singapore, they really want you to do it quickly.

It’s a tiny island. Of course they want people to leave as quickly as possible. There’s just no room! (via GIPHY)

From today (April 22nd), Malaysians and other foreigners who are leaving Singapore no longer have to get their passports stamped with a departure date.

The Singapore Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA) made the announcement on April 17th.

According to the ICA website, since September 2016, foreign travelers who have had their fingerprints recorded upon their arrival can use automated lanes when they leave Singapore.

They do not receive departure immigration endorsements when they use the automated lanes.

So basically, they’re just doing the same for the manned counters as well.

It just makes sense unless all immigration officers are trained to be really fast at stamping.

This is no government employee anywhere that we’ve ever seen. (via GIPHY)

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