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Bad Combo? This Myth Is Making Its Rounds Again This Durian Season

Bad Combo? This Myth Is Making Its Rounds Again This Durian Season

The old myth claims that eating durian with food such as brinjals and lychees will cause health issues but how true is it?

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We love our food but we love recycling old health myths too! Recently, a social media post claimed that we should not eat durian with some foods such as crab, mangosteen, Coca-Cola, beef, milk, brinjals, and lychees.

No reason was given in the infographic which is several years old but it’s being reshared again.

Some people believe that the food combination can bring about health ailments such as high blood pressure, diarrhoea, body heatiness, or body rashes.

This “durian” myth has been debunked several times.

According to Public Health Malaysia back in 2022, all the foods mentioned can be eaten with durian without risks.

However, it’s always important to eat durian in a controlled amount because it contains high calories.

Whether you’re eating durian or not, it’s always important to stay hydrated due to the hot weather. P.S: If you’re showing any of the symptoms, maybe it’s beneficial to get a food allergy test.

Adding on to this, there are some foods and drinks to avoid after eating durian as it can cause dehydration.

According to Him Clinic founder and social media influencer Dr Ahmad Samhan Awang, drinking coffee after eating durian is not a good combo. This is because durian is high in sulphur and carbohydrates while coffee dehydrates the body.

If you’re not properly hydrated, the durian and coffee combo can make you feel dizzy or nauseous.

He recommends everyone to stay hydrated and only drink coffee at least four to six hours after eating durian.

It’s also not recommended to have alcohol with durian because a substance in durian can make alcohol poisoning symptoms more severe.

Carbonated drinks aren’t recommended to be paired with durian either because it can cause indigestion or bloating.

This is because the digestion system has to work extra hard to metabolise sugars, fats, and caffeine at the same time.

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