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Family Wasn’t Informed Of Man’s “Arrest” By AADK, Launched Missing Person’s Plea On Social Media

Family Wasn’t Informed Of Man’s “Arrest” By AADK, Launched Missing Person’s Plea On Social Media

The man was allegedly prevented by AADK enforcement officers from contacting his family, leaving them in the dark.

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On 11 June, a woman, Syaida Ilmuna, appealed to people online to help look for her missing 22-year-old brother.

Her brother allegedly called their mother around 5.30pm to say he was on the way home from work and was walking to MRT Maluri. His next stop was MRT Kepong.

However, they could not contact him after that. He was not reachable by text, WhatsApp, and calls.

Syaida said her brother is not a mischievous person and would return home after work without fail. He would inform the family if he planned to hang out with friends.

Syaida’s brother was finally found, allegedly detained by AADK

In less than 24 hours, Syaida informed her online followers that her brother had been found and she deleted her first post about his disappearance.

On Twitter, Syaida said her brother was allegedly wrongfully detained by the National Anti-Drug Agency (AADK).

What happened to her brother that day?

While walking to the train station, her brother was allegedly approached by AADK enforcement officers. Her brother claimed the plainclothes officers did not introduce themselves. They immediately put her brother in handcuffs and asked for his IC.

Syaida said her brother sustained an injury on his wrist while he tried to get away from the officers who tried putting him in a van.

He was brought to AADK’s lockup with the other drug addicts in Cheras and was not allowed to contact his family.

The officers only released him after his urine test came back negative. They allegedly released four other people who were randomly rounded up too. Once out, he contacted his family members to pick him up.

Syaida felt what the officers did was unwarranted and cruel to the victim and their family. She said her brother was traumatised from the ordeal.

Syaida also took the opportunity to thank her brother’s boss Puan Faridah for taking care of his well-being.

Two staff members from work accompanied him while they waited for Syaida and her family to pick him up.

Syaida wants to report the matter to the authorities

Syaida asked the public what she could do to report the matter to the authorities. She believes AADK broke standard operating procedures (SOP) by preventing the victim from contacting his family.

In another tweet, Syaida explained that the officers only introduced themselves after they put her brother in handcuffs. Her brother panicked and tried to run when the officers came close because he thought he was about to get robbed.

The officers allegedly detained her brother because they felt he looked suspicious.

The people online suggested Syaida file a police report or consult a lawyer. They suggested she could lodge a report with the Integrated Complaints Management System (SISPAA).

They were horrified by the idea that the authorities could “kidnap” people in broad daylight without proper procedures and repercussions.

TRP has reached out to Syaida for further comments regarding this matter. We have also reached out to the agency concerned but there has been no reply.

AADK responds

The National Anti-Drug Agency (AADK) has released a statement concerning the issue. Syaida previously claimed that AADK broke the law under Section 3 of the Drug Dependants (Treatment and Rehabilitation) Act 1983.

AADK said the department carried out the Operasi Pengesanan Perdana AADK Wilayah Persekutuan on Tuesday at Jalan Jejaka 4, Taman Maluri, Kuala Lumpur.

AADK claimed while carrying out the operation, they arrested a suspect with the correct SOPs by identifying themselves and showing their AADK card.

However, they claimed they spotted another individual in the vicinity (believed to be Syaida’s brother) behaving suspiciously.

AADK claimed they tried to introduce themselves to the individual but he ran away. The act of running away made AADK think he had something to hide.

After detaining the individual, they allegedly introduced themselves and showed their AADK card.

While entering the data in the system, AADK claimed one of the two individuals pushed an officer and tried to run away again.

AADK said this resulted in the man’s arrest and was brought to the agency’s Cheras office for documentation and urine test.

Once the test proved negative, they released the man. The agency admitted that the process took a long time due to the large number of arrests made.

AADK reiterated that the suspect was not detained for more than 24 hours and thus, followed all the SOPs outlined under the law.

AADK takes the governance of its officers seriously and promises to be more careful while on duty.

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