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WTF Is A Tauge Racer & Why Were The Police Mounting Roadblocks In Genting

WTF Is A Tauge Racer & Why Were The Police Mounting Roadblocks In Genting

Many cars and bikes were seen trying to escape the roadblock.

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Tauge racer? No lah, we’re kidding. It’s actually touge racer, but it’s actually pronounced tou-geh. Yes, like the tauge you set aside when ordering Char Kuey Teow.

A massive roadblock was held along the Kuala Lumpur-Karak Expressway as part of the “Operasi Khas Trafik Samseng Jalanan”.

The integrated operation was led by Bukit Aman Traffic Investigation and Enforcement Department (JSPT) and joined by the Road Transport Department (RTD) and the National Anti-Drug Agency (AADK).

Bukit Aman Traffic Investigation and Enforcement Department (JSPT) acting director Datuk Mohd Nasri Omar said that 28 summonses were issued for various offences during the operation.

The offences included driving without a licence, expired licence, exhaust modifications, not displaying the “L” sticker, unclear or fancy licence plates, and other miscellaneous offences. The RTD issued 18 summonses and directed 16 vehicles to undergo inspection.

“The objective of the operation is to advocate road safety among highway users. We want to ensure that road users complied with the law, including using vehicles that met proper specifications, following numerous public complaints along the East Coast Highway,” Nasri added as reported by NST.

However, during the roadblock itself, several cars and motorcycles were observed trying to make a U-turn and move against the flow of traffic to get around the roadblock.

However, they discovered that the authorities had completely blocked the road behind them.

Social media footage showed the BHPetrol station right after the Gombak toll plaza, a well-known gathering place for Genting “touge-ers”. There, authorities appeared to have stopped all drivers and searched parked cars.

Touge Racing

A type of auto racing unique to Japan is called “touge racing” which entails fast driving on winding roads or over the country’s rugged mountains.

To start a controlled slide through a corner and retain the fastest possible exit speed, one racer who made racing history, Kunimitsu Takahashi, developed a strategy that involved entering bends at their apex.

Keiichi Tsuchiya, popularly referred to as the “Dorikin” or Drift King, sought to become an expert in this method, which led to the creation of a video titled Pluspy and a famous racing audience notoriety.

The popularity of touge racing grew rapidly in Japan, with street racers aspiring to manouvre mountainous roads. In the late 1980s, it became an underground sport, with races initiated by drivers flashing their car’s high beams to cue opponents.

Racing In Genting

While many car enthusiasts consider this as a rich culture that is adapted from Japan, it is nevertheless an act of reckless driving.

Over the years, there have been many cases of racing in Genting which ended in accidents.

Just last year, a Honda Civic was involved in an accident while trying to take a bend at high speed.

The car in question, an FD-generation Honda Civic, was seen alongside a Toyota Mark X and the camera car. It was not clear if the three cars’ drivers knew one another, but following the collision, the camera car and the Mark X in front stopped right away.

Fortunately, it looks from the video that there was just one vehicle involved in this event. As stated in Section 42 of Act 333 of the Road Transport Act 1987, driving recklessly or dangerously is prohibited as reported by Paultan.

This is just one example of the consequences of driving recklessly on highways. However, there are still those who do this and are brave enough to flaunt their stunts on social media.

Race Events In Malaysia

The highlight of this is that there are avenues where these drivers are allowed to showcase their skills in a safer environment.

Track days at Sepang International Circuit are available for as little as RM300 for two hours, with the Malaysia Speed Festival (MSF) and other event organisers enabling drivers to drive as fast as they desire as long as they adhere to safety restrictions.

Presented by MSF, Grass Racing Autosports (GRA), and Sucimuci Motorsports, time attack events offer reasonably priced road car categories for individuals on a tighter budget.

Compared to Formula 1 races, the Saga Cup series is more affordable and offers more door-to-door racing.

In addition, MSF is the host of the MSF Touge Series of hillclimb competitions, which take place on winding, mountainous roads under the supervision of seasoned racing experts and with the extra safety of being closed to oncoming traffic.

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