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Mother Seeks To Raise Funds For Baby With Critical Lung Infection

Mother Seeks To Raise Funds For Baby With Critical Lung Infection

Sarah’s baby boy accidentally swallowed faecal material while in the womb and is experiencing a critical lung infection. With medical costs ballooning, the family seeks help from anyone who can help chip in.

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A mother Sarah (@sxrxhismyname) is trying to raise funds for her baby boy’s hospital fees. Her son Malique Myo bin Khairul Baqi Hakimi is currently in critical condition at KPJ Puteri Hospital, Johor Bahru.

According to Sarah, her baby accidentally swallowed faeces while in the womb and this caused a critical lung infection in her child.

Based on her description, her baby is likely experiencing Meconium Aspiration Syndrome (MAS). This happens when a stressed baby accidentally inhaled or swallowed meconium (a dark green faecal material produced in the intestines of a foetus before birth).

Most babies usually poop it out after birth. However, once swallowed or inhaled, it can cause breathing problems and possible lung infection.

Currently, Malique is put in an induced coma and is breathing through a breathing apparatus. He’s fed milk through a tube, 20ml for every 3 hours (5oz for every 24 hours).

The total bill from 11 July 2023 to 25 July 2023 has reached RM80,000+- and counting.

Sarah said the cost per day ranges between RM7,000-RM10,000 depending on Malique’s condition. The doctor estimated that her baby needs to be warded for at least 2 months.

Based on calculations, that means the total cost could reach around RM420,000 (RM7,000 x 60 days).

Malique couldn’t be transferred to a government hospital and utilise the subsidies because he’s not in a good condition to be moved at the moment. Moreover, there isn’t bed availability in the hospitals.

How can you help baby Malique?

People who want to help the family can channel donations through their fundraising campaign on Kitafund.

They can also donate via bank transactions to Sarah or her husband’s official bank accounts. To do this, they can reach out to the couple on their Instagram account for more details.

On their Kitafund page, they aim to raise RM250,000 with 28 more days to go.

At the time of writing, 610 donors pitched in to help and brought the total donation to RM15,103.

My husband and I would like to humbly ask for everyone’s help to donate a little to help us cover the medical costs of our first child, Malique Myo bin Khairul Baqi Hakimi, who is currently still critical at KPJ Puteri, Johor Bahru. If you are unable to help financially, it’s enough to receive your prayers and help to share the post.

Sarah, Malique’s mother

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