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Man Arrested For Allegedly Abusing Girlfriend’s 2 YO Daughter In Setapak

Man Arrested For Allegedly Abusing Girlfriend’s 2 YO Daughter In Setapak

The baby suffered bruises on her body with swollen lips and eyes, all because she was making too much noise.

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A 31-year-old man was arrested in a flat in Jinjang, Kepong last night (8 June) after he is believed to have abused his girlfriend’s one year and eleven month old baby girl.

As reported by Bernama, Wangsa Maju district police deputy chief D Saralathan confirmed the arrest and will be applying for a remand order today.

“The investigation is being conducted by the Sexual, Women and Children’s Investigations Division (D11) of the Kuala Lumpur police headquarters, and the city police chief is expected to issue a statement soon,” he said.

Just yesterday, news of a baby girl allegedly being abused by the mother’s boyfriend in an apartment unit (PPR) in Desa Rejang, Setapak, on Wednesday (7 June) went viral on social media.

The news was shared by her uncle, WakZam SemPoi on his Facebook post, attaching pictures and a video of her injuries and the perpetrator.

The little girl had injuries on the back of her body and lips, as well as bruises on both eyes. She’s currently receiving treatment in HKL.

According to the police report, the man, the girlfriend and the child are living together at the Desa Rajang Flat.

He is believed to have abused the child because she was too active and making too much noise. He allegedly used a hanger to beat her and slapped her face, resulting in bruise marks and swollen eyes and lips.

The mother tried to prevent the boyfriend from injuring her further but she failed as he locked the baby up alone in a room until the next morning.

(Credit: WakZam Sempoi, Facebook)

In the police report, the mother revealed that her daughter was actually abused continuously from 4 June till 7 June.

The next morning, the boyfriend sent them both to her mother’s house but quickly fled when he saw a police patrol car coming his way.

The case is currently being investigated under Section 31(1) of the Child Act 2001.

Anyone with information on the incident can help the authorities by contacting the Wangsa Maju District Police Headquarters (IPD) at 03-92899222 or the Kuala Lumpur Police Hotline at 03-21159999 or any nearby police station.

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