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[Watch] “Some Jokes Don’t Land” SG Comedian Criticised For Joking About Malaysia’s MH370

[Watch] “Some Jokes Don’t Land” SG Comedian Criticised For Joking About Malaysia’s MH370

Singaporean stand-up comedian Jocelyn Chia joked that Malaysians couldn’t visit Singapore because their planes “can’t fly or land.”

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Humour is subjective because what’s considered funny to someone may not be funny to another person. While it’s not to say we can’t enjoy dark comedy, a line has to be drawn for certain topics.

Singaporean stand-up comedian Jocelyn Chia recently got into trouble for making a joke about the missing Malaysian Airlines MH370 flight during her performance at Comedy Cellar in the United States.

In the viral video, Chia started fine by making fun of the typical rivalry between Singapore and Malaysia.

However, things got a little off-tangent when she touched upon MH370.

While still pitting Malaysia and Singapore against each other, Chia joked that Malaysians can’t visit Singapore because Malaysian planes “cannot fly” and implied that the plane “cannot land.”

What? Malaysia Airlines going missing not funny huh? Some jokes don’t land. This joke kills in Singapore.

Jocelyn Chia at Comedy Cellar

Someone in the audience said she would get a bad Yelp review for her joke. Chia said, “It’s ok. They don’t have internet.”

Netizens find that part of her joke unfunny and unacceptable for making fun of a tragedy which involved multiple deaths.

According to netizens, Chia was punching down and her usage of vulgar words didn’t sit well with them.

They also compared her to other comedians such as Kumar who managed to make fun of everyone without hurting feelings.

Another netizen also explained that stand-up comedy is not a Western import, but there’s a way to execute wholesome comedy routines.

When confronted about her crass joke, Chia said on her Instagram, “Tragedy plus time=comedy. It’s been long enough man.”

Who is Jocelyn Chia?

According to her official website, Chia was a lawyer before she ventured into standup comedy.

She’s also a regular at New York City comedy clubs such as Comedy Cellar and Gotham Comedy Club.

She was also voted as one of Singapore’s top comedians by Buro, Best in Singapore, and Simibest.

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