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[Watch] Barbershop Businessman Azri Walter’s Football Humblebrag Doesn’t Sit Well With Netizens

[Watch] Barbershop Businessman Azri Walter’s Football Humblebrag Doesn’t Sit Well With Netizens

Azri Walter says that he rejects invites to football friendlies because he doesn’t want to embarrass everybody else.

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An entrepreneur’s explanation video recently did not sit well with many as it looked more like a case of “humblebrag”.

For the uninitiated, humblebrag is a modern term used to describe someone who looks like they’re being humble but it actually looks more like they’re bragging.

Azri Walter, a social media influencer and businessman, posted a video on TikTok to explain why he had to reject the invitations he received to join friendly football matches.

Azri, whose real name is Azri Alwan Nordin used to play football. In a previous video on Instagram, he claimed to have represented the country in football since he was 12 years old. According to him, his last professional career was with the Selangor Super League.

He later ventured into business and founded the Walter Barbershop brand.

Azri explained that the reason he declined the invites to play football was because he was doing the rest of the players a favour considering he would be the most talented player on the field (on account of his background). The other players would just be those who were once reserve players at their schools or those representing a “plastic factory”.

Out of a sense of being humble, Azri said he had to decline the invites.

“Don’t take it the wrong way. I’m not being arrogant, it’s like this… why is it that I don’t join when my friends or followers invite me to play football? That is because I am a former national player. I have achieved.. I know what it feels like in a high-intensity game, I’ve gone international.” Azri Walter

He said this in a very “humbling” manner, adding that he did not want to make the others look bad.

Therefore, he said that declining the invites was a sign of his humbleness rather than his arrogance.

However, he concluded the video with a manic laugh, giving off vibes of sarcasm.

The video did not sit well with many and they shared their feelings in the comment section.

Azri is known for his videos that attempt to empower young men in the society but with an Andrew Tate vibe.

Azri also has his own program known as Secret Group AZRI WALTER – The Wild Stallion.

Tate is a British-American social media influencer who is always on the receiving end of criticism for his callous videos and alleged misogynistic views.

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