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Controversial Proposal To Recruit “Mat Rempit” For Motorcycle Ambulances Sparks Debate

Controversial Proposal To Recruit “Mat Rempit” For Motorcycle Ambulances Sparks Debate

The proposal notes that motorcyclists will receive instruction to acquire fundamental CPR and life support abilities.

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The proposal to recruit mat rempit for motorcycle ambulances has sparked a diverse range of opinions on social media.

While some laud the potential benefits, such as job opportunities and utilizing their skills effectively, others raise concerns about the consequences of hiring individuals primarily known for their reckless behavior.

Recently, the Melaka Civil Defence Force said they were studying a plan to recruit mat rempit as part of the motorcycle ambulances team.

According to The Star, chairman of Melaka Civil Defence Force’s (CDF) Associate Corporate Officers category Kol (PA) Mike Thein said the motorcyclists will receive instruction to acquire fundamental Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) and life support abilities, in addition to delivering food to flood victims prior to the arrival of the main emergency team.

This has since ignited a lively discussion on social media.

Supporters argue that similar models have been successfully implemented in other countries, while skeptics express concerns about the potential consequences of hiring individuals known for their reckless behavior.

Twitter user @ladymissazira highlighted that motorcycle ambulances are already employed as medical support teams in countries like India, Kenya, and the Philippines.

She believes that by absorbing and providing training to mat rempit from the B40 group, the initiative could offer them a chance for decent wages and contribute to the public good.

Another Twitter user @AidFawzal presented a contrasting viewpoint, emphasizing the importance of hiring based on character and attitude rather than talent alone.

He also expressed concern that selecting mat rempit based solely on their ability to ride motorcycles might result in a team that is enthusiastic to respond to incidents but lacks the necessary caution, potentially creating additional problems at the scene.

Meanwhile, Twitter user @ner0o_san applauded the proposal, hailing it as a brilliant idea that can turn a negative stereotype into a positive opportunity.

They highlight the potential advantages of employing mat rempit, such as their ability to navigate through traffic quickly and provide immediate first aid to accident victims, emphasizing the need for this type of out-of-the-box thinking.

Twitter user @rerereezal expressed interest in the proposal, suggesting that instead of criminalizing mat rempit, equipping them with applicable skills could provide them with future job opportunities.

He expressed excitement about witnessing the progress of this unorthodox policy and admire initiatives that challenge conventional approaches.

Nevertheless, as this debate unfolds, it will be crucial to consider all perspectives and carefully evaluate the potential outcomes before making any conclusive decisions regarding this proposal.

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