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Ravi Everest Slammed For Not Thanking Sherpa, Says Did So “Two Weeks Ago”

Ravi Everest Slammed For Not Thanking Sherpa, Says Did So “Two Weeks Ago”

Ravi Everest says he had already thanked the sherpa two weeks ago, reposts Instagram statement thanking Gelje.

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There has been a lot of talk on social media concerning the Malaysian climber who was rescued at Mount Everest recently. Initially, the climber was not named.

So what happened?

Gelje Sherpa was guiding a client to the summit when he spotted the Malaysian climber in the “death zone”, all alone, clinging to a rope.

Speaking to Anderson Cooper of CNN on the rescue, Gelje said the climber had nothing and was about to die. He then made the decision to not proceed to the summit, instead embarked on a daring mission to rescue the Malaysian climber.

No one was helping him, no friends, no oxygen, no sherpas with him, no guides – so this is quite dangerous for him.

Gelje Sherpa on CNN

A video of the rescue mission made waves on social media as many applauded Gelje for his heroic effort.

On his Instagram, Gelje shared two videos where he could be seen carrying the climber on his back, who was strapped inside a sleeping mat.

Despite having carried out many rescues, Gelje said this was the hardest one.

According to Reuters, the “death zone” area temperature can drop to minus 30 degree Celsius or lower, and Gelje transported the climber for some 600 metres, which took about six hours. Another guide, Nima Sherpa then joined to help.

The climber, still unnamed, was later put on a flight back to Malaysia.

Identity of climber revealed?

Yesterday, a Malaysian climber T. Ravichandran, who is known as Ravi Everest earned the wrath of netizens as they claimed he did not thank the sherpa who rescued him.

Ravi had posted on his Instagram account, saying he would not be alive today if not for the rescue team (sherpas) and the helicopter rescue on the Everest expedition. He however did not name Gelje or the other sherpa.

“I am alive today because I had the best and dedicated Partners – The 14th Peaks Expedition Co and Global Rescue Inc.”

This statement however seemingly contradicts what Gelje had said about the rescue mission, that the climber he found was all alone. In fact, Gelje was there guiding another client when he stumbled upon the distraught climber.

It is unclear at this point how social media users arrived at the conclusion that Ravi was the anonymous climber that Gelje rescued.

An Instagram user @tristupe commented on Ravi’s post, but he claimed it was later deleted.

Another user @my.rafael.96 copied @tristupe’s comment and posted it on Ravi’s post to which he replied: Tq. It’s done. 2 weeks ago.

Others who were convinced it was Ravi who was rescued also did not mince their words as they slammed Ravi for not acknowledging the person who carried him to safety.

The speculation that Ravi was the Malaysian climber appears to have merit as Ravi replied to some of the comments with the same answer, that he had “already thanked the sherpa 2 weeks ago”.

Today, he reposted his earlier statement but he named Gelje and several other sherpas.

How important is Rescue Team (Sherpas) and Heli Rescue on Everest Expedition? Believe me, it’s very important. I am alive today, because I had the best and dedicated Partners – The 14th Peaks Expedition Co lead by Tashi Sherpa (and his Sherpas – Mingma Tendi, Gelje Sherpa, Nima Dorjee, Dawa, Nima Tashi, Dipen Bhote) and Global Rescue Ins for Heli. Everest in previous year especially in 2022 was good but in 2023, it was a tough season and taking many (17) lives.

Ravi Everest on Instagram

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