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Les’ Copaque Boss Responds To Backlash On Facebook, Shares Photos Of Expensive Cars

Les’ Copaque Boss Responds To Backlash On Facebook, Shares Photos Of Expensive Cars

This comes following the backlash faced by the company due to a podcast episode that was released on YouTube, deemed unprofessional by many.

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Les’ Copaque Productions, the renowned animation studio behind the beloved Malaysian animated series “Upin & Ipin,” recently faced backlash after a podcast episode was released, featuring comments made about their staff.

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In the podcast, the managing director, creative content director, lead scriptwriter, and human resources manager discussed workplace “drama”.

Netizens quickly condemned this behaviour as unprofessional and toxic, pointing out that the employees were likely unaware of the discussions happening among their superiors. 

While they did not specifically name any staff member, the topics discussed included employee bonuses, salary comparisons, medical leave, and even minor instances of tardiness.

In response to the criticism, the company’s managing director, Burhan Radzi, took to social media to address the hate while showcasing his success by posting pictures of his cars and his book (umm okay?).

In a Facebook post, he noted that after reading through numerous comments, many of which came from former employees, he acknowledged that most of the negativity stemmed from resentment towards the company’s achievements. 

However, he expressed concern that the comments had escalated into slanderous accusations against the company. 

After reading all the comments, mostly from my ex-staff, I can safely say it’s mostly hated comments toward our success. Now it started to become slanderous with all the accusations towards our company.

Les’ Copaque Productions managing director Burhan Radzi

To shed light on Les’ Copaque’s journey and his personal success, he also encouraged those interested to know more about the company’s success to read his book, available in both English and Bahasa Malaysia at major bookstores and online platforms.

Those who want to know about Les Copaque and how I built my wealth please read my book. It is in English and Bahasa Malaysia and its available at all major book shops and online platform. 

Les’ Copaque Productions managing director Burhan Radzi

In an effort to move forward, he also emphasised the importance of leaving the negativity behind. 

He acknowledged the dedication and hard work of his loyal staff, consisting of over 200 individuals who are currently focused on various projects scheduled until the end of the year. 

Promising exciting developments, he revealed that Les’ Copaque Productions would soon be announcing several new ventures aimed at advancing Malaysia’s digital economy.

It’s time we move on as my loyal staff, more than 200, will be very busy until the end of the year. Soon we’ll be making announcements on several new exciting projects to bring the digital economy of Malaysia to the forefront. 

Les’ Copaque Productions managing director Burhan Radzi

Despite the controversy, Les’ Copaque Productions remains open to welcoming former staff members who wish to return to the company. The boss extended an invitation for them to apply for available positions. 

However, he also urged those who were unsuccessful in their application to move on graciously.

For those out there who feel like coming back, you are welcome to apply. If you fail to be hired, please move on. Thank you

Les’ Copaque Productions managing director Burhan Radzi

He concluded his statement by expressing gratitude to those who have supported Les’ Copaque Productions throughout the years and reassured fans and followers that the company’s commitment to creating quality content and contributing to the growth of the Malaysian animation industry remains unwavering.

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