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Businesswoman Shares Heartfelt Reason Why She Wanted ‘FF9’ Number Plate

Businesswoman Shares Heartfelt Reason Why She Wanted ‘FF9’ Number Plate

In the Chinese community, the number plates can hold different yet significant meaning for each person.

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As everyone would know by now, the FF series license plates were launched to commemorate the 75th anniversary of Malaysia’s Road Transport Department (JPJ). It’s not to celebrate the film premiere of Fast and Furious 10, but we can pretend!

A woman, Ivon Wong or @lovedevon99 on Instagram, made the news by bidding an eye-watering sum of RM909,999 for the coveted FF9 number plate.

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Sadly, she didn’t get the number plate because she was outbid by RM2,000 when an unnamed individual pitched in RM911,999.

Wong told The Star that she bid for the FF9 number plate because the initials ‘FF’ has a significant meaning to her.

It’s a way to remember her beloved pet Fei Fei who had been her faithful companion. Fei Fei died three years ago.

It represents cherished memories and the bond that I shared with my dog Fei Fei.

Ivon Wong

Wong said Fei Fei has been there for her every time she came home from work and when she went through difficult times.

Wong owns two cars – a McLaren 720S and a Mercedes – both with “9” on the number plate as well.

Screenshot from Ivon Wong’s IG Story about Fei Fei.

Although she didn’t get the number plate, she wasn’t sad about it. She said she would continue to use her platform to raise awareness of mental health, a cause that she’s passionate about.

I came from a single-parent home, a close-knit family that faced financial struggles. This early experience instilled in me the value of perseverance, hard work and resourcefulness.

Ivon Wong

Wong, who’s in the retail and beauty line, said her company recently embarked on a corporate social responsibility (CSR) programme called “Peace of Mind” aimed at supporting mental health awareness and relaxation techniques.

What’s the fuss about ‘FF’ number plates?

The letters ‘FF’ carry different meanings for everyone, as shown by Wong who wanted the number plate to honour her beloved pet.

Other theories propose that the letters ‘FF’ stand for ‘fatt fatt’ or ‘huat huat,’ which means to strike it rich in Mandarin. Think of it like someone’s personal coded motivational phrase.

The meaning behind the numbers helps to complete the meaning of the whole number plate.

In this case, the number ‘9’ is pronounced as ‘jiu’ and sounds like the Mandarin word for ‘long.’

If the complete number plate is ‘FF9,’ it means ‘to be rich forever.’

Previously, it was reported that the highly coveted number plates during the bidding period were:

  • FF8 – It could mean triple richness or abundance since the number 8 in Mandarin sounds close to “fatt.”
  • FF9 – In feng shui, the number 9 is associated with long life and abundance.
  • FF199 with 34 bidders – In Mandarin, the numbers loosely translate to “keep playing” and this could be taken to mean survival/ longevity.
  • FF51 with 32 bidders
  • FF155 with 29 bidders – In feng shui, number 5 is associated with good luck and health or positive changes in life.
  • FF555 with 29 bidders
  • FF1688 with 29 bidders – The numbers together loosely translate to “always staying rich.”

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