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Black Panther Dies After Getting Run Over By Car In Seremban

Black Panther Dies After Getting Run Over By Car In Seremban

The black panther suddenly crossed the road and the driver of an MPV couldn’t stop in time.

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The Malay Peninsula is home to the world’s largest population of black panthers. These animals have a unique dark fur coat due to a genetic mutation that causes an overproduction of the dark pigment melanin.

Their black coats give them an advantage in camouflaging in the local rainforests while hunting prey. Sadly, the black panther population in Malaysia are in decline and Malaysia lost one yesterday.

A male black panther weighing 40kg died after getting run over by a car at Kilometer 19 of Jalan Seremban-Simpang Pertang near Bukit Tangga, Negeri Sembilan.

According to reports, a 30-year-old driver and his family were travelling from Seremban towards Kuala Klawang in a Honda Odyssey MPV yesterday afternoon (20 May).

While making a right turn down the hill, the panther suddenly crossed from the right side of the road.

Despite stepping on the brake, there wasn’t enough time to avoid the animal and it was hit.

Videos online showed the panther looked stunned and was injured on its hind legs.

The panther quickly limped towards a lorry on the road before sliding under the vehicle to escape.

According to Malay Mail, the panther reached a nearby drain about four metres away, where it lay down with heavy breaths.

The black panther soon died at the scene. The MPV driver and his family were not hurt in the accident.

Jelebu district police chief DSP Maslan Udin said the panther’s remains have been handed over to the Negeri Sembilan Department of Wildlife Protection and National Parks (Perhilitan) for further action.

Netizens expressed sadness after knowing the black panther didn’t survive the accident.

A netizen suggested that a wildlife bridge similar to the one in Singapore should be built so that wildlife animals could cross roads safely.

Netizens also advised others to be careful while driving in a wildlife-sensitive area. Ultimately, it’s a reminder to all of us not to destroy wildlife habitats.

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